Cheap date night ideas - $20 dollar date night

Cheap date night ideas! Join Christy Pessemier, and her willing guinea pig husband – as they scour King & Snohomish Counties in the Seattle area to prove you can go out as a couple and have a great time for under 20 Dollars.

Why Did I Change My Blog Title?

For the past few months, Hubby and I tested out the ten dollar date night experience. It was a fun and daring adventure. We learned a lot. One of the most important things being that ten dollars does not go very far. Sorry. I wish I could tell you otherwise. We tried Mexican food, and realized it was rather depressing trying to share a burrito and two glasses of iced water. We tried Thai and Indian and went over budget. The main options left open to us were picnics with homemade fare brought from home, or fast food. Since it’s a bit chilly outside this time of year, picnics are not an option. Call me picky, but I like it when my toes aren’t numb and nearly frostbitten while eating dinner on a date with my hubby. As far as fast food goes, we have decided this is not an option. Fast food is just not date material. Wolfing down a burger from the dollar menu while the kid at the next table screams and bangs his Kids Meal toy on the booth next to you is just not romantic.

So, we made a compromise:  increase the budget, but still keep it cheap enough to manage on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Twenty dollars is manageable. Yeah, you might have to share a meal or a glass of wine-but you’re still going out with your spouse! And, you’re watching for coupons in the mail to get the most for your money, right? Right.

This is the plan: $20 for the entire date, including tip, and don’t jip the wait staff. They have to make a living too.

I will pre-plan the date ahead of time and give you a preview, then let you know how it went, and what the total charge was. If we failed to stay on budget, I promise to come clean with reasons why and how we can prevent it in the future.

So, if you’re dissapointed that I changed the blog title and made the budget bigger, I have a suggestion: Set the $10 aside and go out every other week instead of once a week. There, problem solved and no more excuses for not going out with your spouse!

Give yourself something to look forward to and put it on the calendar right now: Next weekend, Friday, Saturday or whatever night works for you. Put your marriage first and start looking forward to dating again. Many good things will come from it. You will see.

Guess where we’re going on our date next weekend? Watch for my next post and I’ll tell you where!