Cheap date night ideas - $20 dollar date night

Cheap date night ideas! Join Christy Pessemier, and her willing guinea pig husband – as they scour King & Snohomish Counties in the Seattle area to prove you can go out as a couple and have a great time for under 20 Dollars.

Memories in Mukilteo

Last Monday, at the time this post was supposed to be up, our five year old family dog was having trouble walking.  Later that day, she collapsed and we rushed her to the hospital to find she had a serious spinal cord injury. A few days earlier, my left arm was put in a cast, due to a ligament tear in my thumb. Needless, to say, we had a crazy week.  Still, we didn’t forget date night. I’m proud of us for that.

Mukilteo was last week’s choice. After looking through the Entertainment Book and Passport participating restaurants, and seeing that mostly fast food restaurants were available, I decided we would go to the place Hubby had a coupon for: Mukilteo Lodge Sports Grille.

The parking lot was our first clue to this place’s popularity. No spots available! There were even people jammed into tight little spots that didn’t look like they were meant to be parking spaces.  As Hubby was passing the entrance, we spotted reverse lights front and center. Perfect timing!  We were getting a little worried that Mukilteo Lodge might not have room for us.

Walking in, I could see why they call it a lodge. It’s big and roomy, with high wood beam ceilings. A huge stone fireplace, wood floors and a flagstone entryway give it that rugged, yet polished feel. Instead of deer heads hanging on the wall, it’s beer signs and college sports flags. Something about this place makes you feel like you’re part of a team, and they’re rooting for you.

“It’s about a thirty minute wait” – the smiling hostess told us as we added our names to the list.  There was plenty of room to sit and wait in the entrance…and people watch. No one seemed to notice. It was like one big happy party.

“We can seat you now. We thought it would be longer, but a table just became available.” That never happens to us. The wait is usually longer than they say it will be.

We were seated in a classy looking booth with high backed seats. I like booths, because they’re more private.

“…the dimly lit, down to earth – yet sophisticated atmosphere…”

Big screen TV’s surrounded us – and a bar with shelf upon shelf of every kind of liquor decorated the mirrored walls behind them. This was a happening place!

Hubby snagged an amazing deal with Living Social. He paid $15 and we had our choice of $30 worth of food and drinks with the coupon. Looking at the menu with belly busting burgers, we decided to split the flatbread pizza and grilled chicken burger with crispy sweet potato fries. Even with that, we still had room in the budget for beer. We decided to have a little fun and go local with our choices. I ordered the Scuttlebutt (Everett, WA based brewery) Homeport Blonde and Hubby ordered American Brewing Co’s (local Edmonds, WA brewery) Breakaway IPA.

Who would have thought you could go to a place like this, order tasty and satisfying food, have a great time, and still have enough to tip the waiter a generous amount? It proves that anything is possible if you make a goal to date on a budget.

The best part is the conversations we have. Ahhhh…uninterrupted. We love our kids – but as you know, all parents need some time to themselves. These date nights are perfect for that. Using the date night jar is an extra bonus – we are discovering places and exploring cities all around us.

American Brewing Co’s Breakaway IPA

Splitting flatbread pizza and a chicken burger was perfect. Most restaurant portions are way too much anyway; and this way, we got a little variety. They were both filling and delicious, by the way – and the beer was nice and fresh tasting. Hubby bragged that his was better but I disagreed. His beer choices are always knock-you-over strong and bitter. That’s not my style, but hey, it would be boring if we both had the same taste, right?

I loved the dimly lit, down to earth – yet sophisticated atmosphere of this place. Our waiter was friendly and attentive and didn’t bat an eye when Hubby showed him the coupon on his cell phone. What a refreshing change from the last place! We had a fun time and both agreed we would be coming back to the Mukilteo Lodge.

By the way, we went slightly over our budget at $20.93, including tip.


Atmosphere (romantic appeal): 4. Yes, there were big screen TV’s everywhere broadcasting different sports games, but the lighting and décor added an intimate feel. Also, our booth was far enough away that we could converse comfortably without feeling imposed on.

Food: 4. Satisfying and tasty.

Budget Friendly: 4. I like that this place participates in coupon deals as well as Passport Unlimited. Smart move! Every $20 date night adds up.

Fun and Unique- 4. Finding the front parking spot – and a great seat with great service. I’d say that was a unique experience.

Memorable:- 4. This was a special date night that we will remember fondly.