Steel Wool for Dinner?

2013-05-10 19.32.19

Yep, that’s what was in my bowl of Aloo Gobi. Hubby and I had just made ourselves comfortable and ordered our food at an Indian restaurant in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle. Hubby found an online coupon bargain for

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Vegan Paradise at Seattle’s Chaco Canyon Cafe

2013-04-26 20.59.56

At first, the idea of eating vegan struck me as strange. What do vegans eat? cabbage and bland tofu? Yuck! But it’s so much more than it seems, especially when you have place like Chaco Canyon Cafe in Seattle. This

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7 Reasons Kirkland’s Metropolitan Market is Perfect for Date Night

On our anniversary weekend last year, there was an upscale Safeway right across from our hotel. Though we’ve been in tons of Safeway stores (we actually met in one-but that’s another story), this one was styled up with fancy displays,

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Central Market Mill Creek, Grocery Store Date #3

If you’re close to Seattle, many of you have shopped at Central Market. But have you been on a date night there yet? As of last, week, we had not. Since we’re on a grocery store date kick, how could

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Edmonds PCC, Fun, Delicious and Filling!

  What type of couple are you? If you’re the stay-home-and-watch-a-movie every week, predictable kind of couple, you may not like what we’re doing. But if you’re an adventurous couple…oh boy, upscale grocery store dates are so your thing. And guess

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Romance on Aisle Seven-Date Night at the Grocery Store

  You know that feeling you get when you’re looking for a solution, and the answer comes to you in the most unlikely place? That’s what happened to me the other day in Whole Foods. While shopping, I followed my

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Fast Food Date Night #2

We broke our date night rules again. But that’s okay. It was that, or not go on a date at all. So, which would you pick? We picked to go on a date. So, it was a fast food date.

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Seattle’s Saffron Grill, Our Top Choice for Ethnic Date Night

  We still can’t stop talking about Saffron Grill. Since our date night last Friday night, we have a list of friends and family we have to take there. Why? Because this place is unforgettable! When we first arrived two

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