Seattle’s Saffron Grill, Our Top Choice for Ethnic Date Night


We still can’t stop talking about Saffron Grill.

Since our date night last Friday night, we have a list of friends and family we have to take there.

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Why? Because this place is unforgettable!

When we first arrived two large benches were full with waiting customers. Another bench near the bar was also full. We were so enthralled with the scenery, music and surroundings, we didn’t mind standing.

“I feel like we just arrived in India or Egypt,” I whispered to Hubby

“I know. Look at this place!”

An older man, dressed in a suit, looked at us and asked how many we had in our party. He was smooth and relaxed.

A few minutes later, a group of people came in and a waiter wrote their names on a waiting list.

2013-03-15 21.47.18

Inside Saffron Grill. Isn’t it romantic?

“We didn’t get our names on the list, ” Hubby said.

“Did a man in a suit come talk to you?” the waiter asked.


“He remembers everyone. Don’t worry, he will come back for you.”

“Wow, that’s impressive,” Hubby said.

And, a few minutes later, he did come back.

We had barely sat down when someone came by and filled our glasses with water.

Another minute later, our waiter (Jonathan) arrived. When we told him our preferences for vegetables, low oil and no dairy-he instantly whipped open the menu and pointed out all the choices he recommended.

With Saffron Grill’s colossal menu (7 pages!), there were many options for us.

Music was festive and exotic. Surroundings-dim and mysterious, in a warm and inviting kind of way.

“This place is perfect for date night,” I said to Hubby.

“Are you kidding? This is by far my favorite of all the ethnic spots we’ve been to,” He said back

We devoured our dishes. I had Dal Maharani ($11.99), and Hubby relished the Navratan Korma ($12.99).

We also tried the papadum ($2.50), a flatbread made with lentils. It came with a sweet plum sauce, a perfect complement to the bread’s light crispy texture.

View from our table

View from our table

When our bellies were full, we polished everything off with a nice, dark roast cup of decaf. We barely got to the bottom when Jonathan was refilling with a steaming fresh cup.

This place was everything we’ve ever dreamed in a restaurant. From the moment we walked in the door-we were treated like royalty.

But the lasting impression? Our waiter.

Not only was he a nice guy, but he was the most helpful and amazing host we’ve ever had.

And a year and a half after starting this thing, we’ve been to quite a few places.

Saffron Grill has got it down.

They’ve got the same secret to success Starbucks does. The home-away-from-home experience.

We did go over budget here ($31.34), because we gave a bigger than usual tip. But it was worth it.

If you’re in Seattle and haven’t been to Saffron Grill, go see what I’m talking about.  

Atmosphere (romantic appeal): 5+. Anyway I try to describe this place does not do it justice. It’s amazing.

Budget friendly: 5. They take Passport Unlimited, which is our favorite discount source. Portions are huge and prices reasonable.

Food: 5. Variety and options are endless. Flavor? Out of this world.

Fun and unique: 5. The next best thing to a trip to India. No wonder they have people waiting in line to eat here.

Memorable: 5. Well…we’re still talking about it. Can’t wait till we go back and show our kids and friends what a cool place Saffron Grill is.


Saffron Grill

2132 N Northgate Way

Seattle WA 98133


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  • Andrea

    By far one of my favorite restaurants! Good to know they take Passport Unlimited.

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