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Thai Bistro Shoreline-Fast, Fresh and Friendly!

Thai Food never gets old for us. And honestly, it’s hard to go wrong with a Thai restaurant. Thai people are predictably warm and welcoming, and the food they serve…I could write poetry about it. We’ve been to Thai Bistro

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Giant Burgers and Chilly Dessert on the Kirkland Waterfront

It seems like a rule that our date nights get spun on their head every so often. We plan to go somewhere and it ends up a.) the place is closed or relocated b.) The discount is not what we

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Planning a Weekend Away? Six Ways to Spend Less

In last week’s Relationship Reboot, I talked about why getting away together is so crucial to your relationship. The next challenge: how to do it without breaking the bank. It is possible to have a fun time and not suffer

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Date Night Part Two-Picnic Fail and Happy Ending

We had such a long string of nice weather, I got a little overconfident and just assumed it would all work itself out. I figured everything would clear up and Hubby and I would be enjoying a blissful, romantic picnic. That

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You Don’t Have to be Rich…

But you do have to plan well to go to fancy restaurants. Ouch. It’s painful when you go into a restaurant, expecting to only spend a certain amount – then, after the meal, walk out feeling quite a bit poorer

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Totally Lame Date Night

Remember how I said we weren’t going out last week, due to my back injury? Well, as I also said, I was still determined to make date night work. So, we set the  kids up with a movie upstairs, and

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Indian Food in a Hurry and Over Budget!

Last Wednesday night was one of those situations all couples keep their antennae up for, a spontaneous date night. Yes! What a treat. We hadn’t had Indian food in awhile and decided we’d sneak away to Mayuri, right in Thrasher’s

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