A New Happy Hour Find in Downtown Everett

When Sunday hit and we planned to go on our bike ride, I was pooped. It had been a long weekend and I just needed a break.

The Irishmen, downtown Everett

So, we took one of our readers’ suggestions and checked out The Irishmen in Everett. It’s always helpful when you hear about a place by word of mouth. It just makes you feel like it’s not such a big risk to try a place out.

We both were in the mood for some down to earth dining and relaxation. Driving through downtown Everett, it was like a ghost town. Not many people were out and about, despite the warm weather. I kinda liked that though.

I even asked Hubby if The Irishmen was open because it seemed so quiet and the door was closed.

“Well, there’s only one way to find out,” Hubby said, reaching for the door.

As we walked in, it was clear the place was open. TV screens were broadcasting the Lions and 49’ers game and people were scattered throughout the surprisingly spacious bar.

“Ooh. I like this place,” Hubby made a dash for two tables pushed together in the center of the restaurant.

The Irishmen, inside.

I was thinking he would go for the cute little romantic table in the corner, away from everything.

“Okay, we can sit here if you want.” I hopped up on the bar stool seat next to him. Just as I sat down, I realized why Hubby picked the spot he did.

“A-ha! This is the best view in the house of the game,” I said, with playful suspicion.

“Yep,” he said. “It’s perfect.”

Turns out we made it through the door just in time for Happy Hour. Our waitress reminded us of this, so we hurried to make our selections.

I like the variety of choices (and low  prices) the Irishmen has for Happy Hour. It was tough to decide. I was wavering between fish and chips, nachos, and Irish Stew. Hubby took one look and knew what he wanted.

Hubby’s juicy burger, and the fries he stole from me.

I finally decided on the Irish stew and Hubby ordered The Irishmen burger. I took a risk and ordered the Fremont Pale Ale (since I don’t usually drink pale ales) and Hubby went for his usual, root beer.

I was happy with my drink choice. It was crisp and fresh tasting and had a nice bite to it. Hubby was happy they had Henry Weinhard’s root beer, since it’s got a lot more flavor than the standard root beer.

We watched the game while we waited for our food. It was nice to just sit and chill and not have to do anything or be anywhere. Everyone else in the place seemed like they were in the same mood we were in-just happy to have a place to hang out and enjoy the last few hours of the weekend in.

The waitress brought our fries- crispy, salty and just they way we like them. Actually, they were my fries since
I ordered them with my stew. Still, he gobbled them up along with me. I don’t think Hubby can resist a plate of hot fries next to him, whether they are his order or not. :)

The stew was tasty and filling. I think it was lamb, which works well for my Greek and Irish roots. I liked that it had a nice gravy mixed in with the potatoes and meat. Hubby gave me a bite of his (gigantic) burger. What a steal for $5.50! It tasted like it just came off the grill.

After our meal, we headed outside and went for a walk down hill toward the Port of Everett. I was impressed with myself for making it down and up those hills in heels. Check out the amazing view.

Sunset at the Port of Everett, perfect spot for a date night walk.

Sunday evenings are totally different from Fridays and Saturdays for going out, but they are a nice change of pace.

We are looking forward to re-visiting The Irishmen, especially for their Irish singers performing ballads and their trivia nights. The Irishmen is a happening place, and we love downtown Everett too.

Atmosphere (romantic appeal): 5. This is a classy bar. I loved the wood paneling and Irish decor. The place was clean and kept up too.

Budget friendly:5. Excellent Happy Hour. We were more than satisfied and got out of there for under $26 with drinks for both of us and tip.

Food: 4. Tasty and filling.

Memorable: The restaurant and the walk were a nice, relaxing date night. We always like it when the restaurant we go to is in a walking friendly city. Being close to the water is an extra bonus.


The Irishmen

2923 Colby Avenue

Everett, WA 98201


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